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Professional Speakers, Deliver your message to the world stage.

Build your AUDIENCE.

Build your BRAND.


Having an Audience, a Brand, and Credibility are crucial A, B, C’s for the professional speaker who wants to land high-paying speaking engagements. And having a published book gives you a competitive edge while checking off each of these and more!

It will certainly make you stand out from every other speaker in the crowd. And, of course, that’s what you want. You have a unique message that you want heard by as many people as possible. It’s your soul’s purpose to inspire and empower others whether that be in the self-help and motivational fields or in business coaching and management training. Whatever your message, you want to stand out in your field of expertise.

Partner with us at Hibbert & Stiles Publishing Inc., and we’ll deliver your message to the world stage.

Benefits of being a published author:

  • It establishes your brand and credibility.
  • It builds your audience.
  • It provides another revenue stream with backroom and online worldwide sales.
  • Your book(s) can be used as a negotiation tool when applying for speaking engagements.
  • It expands your reach beyond the venue to the worldwide stage.

We are currently not accepting new submissions.

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